Your Favorite Podcasters Might Be Heard in Your Native Language

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In a bid to make podcast content more accessible and immersive for its global audience, Spotify has unveiled a groundbreaking feature – Voice Translation for Podcasts. This feature, powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), promises to break down language barriers without sacrificing the authenticity of the original podcaster’s voice.

Technological Advancements at Play:

Voice Translation for podcasts, a groundbreaking feature powered by AI that translates podcasts into additional languages—all in the podcaster’s voice. 

Spotify’s development team employed cutting-edge technologies, including OpenAI’s voice generation technology, to create this feature. What sets it apart is its ability to mirror the unique style and vocal characteristics of the original speaker. Unlike traditional dubbing methods, this technology ensures that a podcast episode originally recorded in English can be enjoyed in other languages while preserving the speaker’s distinctive voice.

A Deeper Connection with Listeners:

Spotify’s Vice President of Personalization, Ziad Sultan, emphasizes the significance of Voice Translation. He states, “By matching the creator’s own voice, Voice Translation offers listeners worldwide the chance to discover and connect with new podcasters in a more authentic way.” It aligns perfectly with Spotify’s mission to unlock human creativity through technology.

Accessible Worldwide:

Voice-translated episodes are accessible to both Premium and Free Spotify users across the globe. Initially, Spotify is rolling out translations in Spanish, with French and German translations following shortly. Highlighted episodes in this initial release include content from the Lex Fridman Podcast, Armchair Expert, and The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett. These episodes will be progressively integrated into the Now Playing View of supported content. For immediate access, users can visit the dedicated Voice Translations Hub, which will continually update with additional voice-translated content.

A New Chapter Begins:

This announcement signifies only the start of Spotify’s journey to empower creators and enhance the global accessibility of podcast content. Valuable feedback from creators and listeners during this pilot phase will shape future expansions and improvements. With over 100 million regular podcast listeners on Spotify, the platform remains committed to exploring innovative ways to make storytelling universally accessible.

Keep an eye on Spotify for Podcasters as the platform works toward broadening access for creators and languages, making sure that stories resonate with people from diverse backgrounds worldwide.


As voice translation technology continues to evolve and expand beyond individual platforms like Spotify, stakeholders across industries will need to carefully navigate these possibilities and risks. Policymakers, technologists, businesses, and society as a whole must engage in ongoing discussions to establish ethical guidelines, privacy safeguards, and standards for the responsible and inclusive use of this transformative technology.